How To Take Care Of Your Hands

hand therapy Nov20th 2018

You rely on your hands to do so many things that it’s not surprising they would get dry, rough, and sore. Joints and tendons in the hands can also become stiff or injured, making it difficult to perform even basic tasks. There are several ways, however, you can keep your hands in top shape. Life In Motion Physical & Hand Therapy can help your hands recover, but first, read through this helpful information on preventing further damage.


Revive and Protect Your Hands

Winter weather can leave your hands dry and chapped. To revive your skin, drench your hands in a quality lotion and then slip them into a pair of cotton gloves before going to bed. You may also want to invest in a hand massage to loosen stiff joints and tendons.

Once you’ve got your hands back in shape it’s important to protect them. You’ll want to invest in a good pair of garden gloves if you plan on working outside. Everything from bacteria in the soil to poison ivy and insect bites can damage your hands. Make sure to start out slow when gardening or working in the yard. Joints and tendons in the hand can become damaged if subjected suddenly to too much stress or strain. If you spend a lot of time on your hands and knees working in the yard be sure to change positions frequently. Spending too much time leaning on your hands while in the same position can cause injury.

You may also want to consider wearing gloves when completing chores indoors. Exposure to harsh cleaners may cause your hands to chafe or develop a rash. If you wash your hands often throughout the day, always use a mild soap to prevent dryness. Finally, make sure to use sunscreen on your hands whenever you’re outside and not wearing gloves. Most of the time your hands will receive as much damage from the sun as your face, making it imperative to use a lotion or sunscreen with SPF 15 or greater. This will help protect from both wrinkling and age spots.


Professional Treatment

To keep your hands looking and feeling great it may be necessary to receive professional hand therapy. A hand therapist can help you prevent injury or restore function so you can effectively participate in your daily activities. If you’re experiencing pain or dysfunction in your fingers or hands on a regular basis you may need to seek out a qualified hand therapist. There are several conditions a therapist can help you with.

  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – This includes tingling and numbness in the hand, usually caused by a pinched nerve.
  2. Trigger Finger – This occurs when your finger gets bent and then often snaps up straight when the hand is extended.
  3. Ganglion Cyst – These are noncancerous lumps that can occur on the hand or wrist.
  4. Trauma to the Hands – Whether it’s a burn, sprain or fracture, trauma to the hand can limit your ability to function normally.


It’s important to keep your hands soft on the outside and functioning properly on the inside. Contact our Pinellas Park location to speak with an expert and learn more about hand care or injury prevention.