Patient Testimonials

  • Jason J

    First, I would like to say that Life In Motion has been an amazing experience for me. Not only is it one of the most welcoming places I have been but also all the staff is very friendly and treat you like family. Adrienne was my therapist and when I started going I could barely pick up a grocery bag but now I can pick up cars! Just kidding but really, I feel normal again and I feel that all the challenges are gone. To everyone at Life In Motion, thank you for all your help through this process. Adrienne, I don’t know what I would have done without you, thank you for everything! Carlos, thanks for keeping me laughing, my friend!

    Jason J.

  • When I first walked into the lobby I was greeted with such kindness. The entire staff was wonderful. I have a friend for life. Carlos whipped me into shape. My Issues were with my left shoulder and arm. Carlos was as gentle as he could be and took his time to explain things to me as I went through the process of getting stronger. I can now sleep without pain and I am able to get back to my normal exercise routine. Thank you so much.

    Felecia H.

  • Stella C.

    What brought me to Life In Motion was because I was very dizzy from 2/14/18 to 6/28/18. I thought it may have been from my blood pressure medication. My ENT doctor at the Diagnostic Clinic helped me to a physical therapy center on 6/27/18. After one session with Carlos, I could tell a little difference. After about 4 or 5 sessions, my dizziness was almost gone. After 6 or 7 sessions it was gone. I was also having trouble with my neck. I could hardly turn my head either way without a lot of pain. Carlos did wonders on my neck and shoulders. My last session was on 8/10/18. I would highly recommend Life In Motion to anyone. The staff was knowledge, courteous and friendly. I truly commend Carlos for being a teaching center for students getting their degrees in physical therapy. This is a great service for our community as well as the students. Carlos, thank you so much for helping me!!

    Stella C.

  • Jacquelyn K.

    From the first day that I walked in to Life in Motion to my last day, I always felt a welcoming energy. The staff is so friendly. They make everyone feel so comfortable. Adrienne was very knowledgeable about my injury and the actions to take in trying to get my full recovery. There are different exercises that were more difficult than others. The beans and the putty were ones that I felt a lot. The last one as well, clothes pins and buttons. I feel that everything has helped and the exercises she showed me for home will help on my own. Thank you all for making this an enjoyable experience!!!

    Jacquelyn K.

  • This was a wonderful facility and staff. I made progress from the very first visit to the last. I am really pleased with the range of motion and strength I achieved after knee replacement surgery. I highly recommend Life In Motion!

    Nancy B.

  • Jose D.

    Life In Motion gave me back my wrist. I had prior experience with therapy that was not positive, but the team at Life In Motion was amazing. They created a plan that helped me get full motion in my hand. They adjusted the schedule so I could complete all of my treatment. Overall, excellent experience and excellent recovery. I do not want to have surgery again, but if I ever need it, I want the team at Life in Motion to handle my recovery therapy.

    Jose D.

  • Mike C.

    When I first came to Life In Motion, I was not sure if therapy would really work. I had severed a tendon in my right pinky and being right hand dominate, I had my doubts. When I first arrived, there was really nothing that I could do with my right hand. Could not grip, bend finger or lift anything. Adrienne is the hand specialist and she was fantastic and hopeful that therapy would work. I was hoping too, because surgery is not what I wanted. It was a long and slow process but she worked on me 3 times a week for almost 4 months. Everytime, she was smiling and really cared how I was doing! I was grateful because all of her efforts have paid off and I was discharged. Life In Motion is a strong believer in family and Adrienne and Carlos make sure you feel that way. Great experience and would highly recommend. Made a believer out of me!

    Michael C.

  • This team of therapists and office staff are very special. I’m so grateful to have had a team of therapists that worked with my schedule, understood my pain and suffering and were well informed about what I needed done. This is the place where I would come if ever I needed therapy again. Carlos is very knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate from the moment he starts talking to you. The girls always pay attention to the exercises I was doing and were very helpful. I truly will miss them all – even Adrienne who worked with patient’s hands. May they continue to grow in this field, God bless them.

    Myrtelina H.

  • Physical Therapist Pinellas Park & Seminole, FL

    When I came here on Jan. 10, 2018, I was just coming out of my 3rd or 4th cast after breaking my left wrist to the point I had to have surgery that included inserting a metal plate in my wrist to hold it together and heal. I was in pretty tough shape. It was very daunting not being able to move any of my fingers, hand, or wrist. I was unable to hold or pick up a cup or dress myself. The minute I walked into Life In Motion, I was greeted by Sam who, with her happy and welcoming voice, put me at ease immediately . When meeting with Adrienne and the rest of the family (staff), I knew this was going to be a positive and ever fun road to recovery. Life In Motion is not just a therapy facility, it is a family. Everyone is supportive, caring and experts in your body and the specific help your injury needs to heal. Life In Motion and Adrienne contact my doctor on a weekly basis to ensure all aspects of my needs were being met. I now can dress myself, make a fist, hold a glass, and do most everyday things we take for granted in everyday life. Life In Motion is a team of people who not only take excellent care of you physically, but emotionally. You feel safe, positive, and become more knowledgeable about your body. I want to thank Adrienne for putting me on the road back to full recovery. Also, for her love, humor, and healing and creative skills. She made me this awesome splint to help me with my ulna. This is the place to come for inspiration on all levels. Thank you!!!

    Inez M.

  • It was a great experience at LIM and made a difficult time more bearable. The vast improvements were noticeable and encouraging. Simple activities such as getting dressed, tying shoelaces, and doing house chores were once impossible and now it’s as if nothing was ever wrong. All members of the staff were wonderful and let to an easy recovery.

    Jane H.

  • Life In Motion is an incredible facility. The personnel are friendly. The staff worked with our schedules. Adrienne was perfect for my daughter. She was patient and kind. The wrist tendonitis that my daughter struggled with was persistent and aggravating. Adrienne was able to work with her to get the pain under control and encourage her to use the hand/wrist more. The occupational therapy was very effective.

    Tiffany H.

  • I was having trouble with my shoulder doing certain movements. After therapy, my motion is much better now. The staff is very friendly and professional. I can not say enough good things about Tamara!!

    Arthur S.

  • Since I 1st met the staff, I was pleasantly impressed. Being in the dental and medical profession, I appreciate a clean, organized and professional atmosphere. This therapy facility actually exceeded my expectations in every way. I would and do highly recommend their services when you are in need of therapy, before or after a surgery. I feel blessed to have found Adrienne.

    Leta L.

  • Therapist Member

    I truly found family when I found Life In Motion. They have gone above and beyond to make sure that I was getting stronger and feeling better. I have struggled with knee and lower back discomfort for over half of my life. I am a young mother of two boys and I honestly thought this was just how life was going to be. Finding Life In Motion has changed my quality of life. I am able to be the mother I have wanted to be with them. For the first time since I can even remember, I spent the entire day chaperoning my son’s class field trip to the amusement park. I knew that day that the care I was receiving through Life In Motion had changed my life. I had survived the entire day walking around that amusement park and not one time did I have to stop because of pain. From the moment you walk into their door, you feel like your part of their home. You are truly cared about.

    Sheena S

  • Excellent, family oriented, wanting nothing but the best outcome for their patients and their families. Glad I made the right choice in therapy rehab.

    Michael W.

  • Need physical therapy? Look no further than Life In Motion Physical & Hand Therapy. You are cared for as if you are part of their family. The comfortable atmosphere takes the tension and concern out of the process and focuses you on recovery. I received therapy for a knee replacement. The approach was gentle, yet effective. I had to have back surgery later and I was only allowed to squat, not bend over for the first three months of recovery. Thanks to Carlos, my knee and back now work for a full squat every time without discomfort. LIM is a very competent, organized family practice!

    Sue S

  • Extremely friendly staff! A breath of fresh air from many other medical facilities I’ve visited. Carlos is friendly and very knowledgeable about his rehabilitation profession. Glad I got referred here!

    Will W.

  • Team

    I have had back issues for years. Two back surgeries and years of working on my feet have increased my back pain issues over time.
 In 2017, I was again at the doctor’s office seeking relief from nerve pain in my legs and feet. After cortisone shots, prescriptions and a consultation with a surgeon, I decided I wanted to go with the least invasive treatment. I asked my physician if I could try physical therapy for relief. It had given me relief in the past.

    I asked to be referred to Life in Motion because of a previous experience with their office for hand therapy. Carlos was patient, kind and caring. His therapy gave me back my back! I have full mobility and significant reduction in pain and numbness. I still use the techniques he taught me to ease stiffness and occasional aches.

    I would recommend Carlos to anyone seeking to manage their back pain.

    Sheila C

  • Today marks my 4th visit and I’ve noticed tremendous improvement in my body. I feel great after each session. The location is very convenient, hours are ideal, the facility is clean and equipped with everything needed to help clients. The staff is very loving, warm and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Life in Motion PT to all Pinellas County.

    Michelle V.

  • When I came to Life In Motion, I was in a lot of pain. I did not know what to look forward to, but everyone was mellow and kind, so that made me feel better. Adrienne took her time to work with my hand every time I came in and told me all the things I could do at home to help my self. Now, I am doing much better and I am saying THANKS to everyone.

    Linda C.

  • This is a great place with great people. I have had physical therapy other places before, but this place has been excellent. My recovery time was less than expected. I feel wonderful. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone. Thank you Life In Motion!!!

    Chris K.

  • I came across Life in Motion in 2016 after a freak accident with my hand. I had surgery for a cut/damaged nerve, and was sent to hand therapy for a period of time. That’s when I met the Life In Motion family, and I’m so glad I did! This family-owned business is run by dedicated professionals who are experts in the field of recovery and healing. They spend quality time with each of their patients, listening and understanding their concerns, in addition to sharing their knowledge and best practices. After a couple of months of therapy with Adrienne, my Occupational Therapist, I was able to do “normal” things with my left hand again, and started to get feeling back – where I didn’t have it before! I’m so thankful for the help of the Life in Motion staff, who got me feeling back to myself again. I am so appreciative of everything they did for me, and I highly recommend them!

    Lexi F.

  • From my first contact with Life In Motion after my surgery, they were welcoming, friendly and professional. In my first 4 visits, I have increased mobility. Adrienne Driggers Riveros is the hand therapist and co-owner and listens to my concerns and helps me with my rehab and even re-dressed my incision and removed the staples! The entire staff is great and it makes going to therapy a pleasurable experience!

    Kevin L.

  • I was visiting Florida from Toronto, Canada. I needed to continue my treatment for my Lumbar spine issues while I was there. I found Life In Motion on the internet. When I called to make an appointment, the staff was very courteous friendly, polite and helpful right from the start. My first appointment with Carlos Riveros was amazing. He was very professional and gave me a thorough assessment. Carlos was able to identify my exact problem area and began treatment immediately that day. I felt better right away. My continued treatments made me feel hopeful and confident on my road to recovery. I never felt rushed and was allowed to perform my exercises at my own pace. The treatment I received in 4 sessions at Life In Motion surpassed the treatment I received in the previous 3 months at home in Toronto. Thank you Carlos and Staff, you guys Rock!

    Luba F.