What to Expect

Welcome to Life In Motion Physical & Hand Therapy! When you are preparing to begin your care at our facility, here is what you can expect:

Prior to your First Visit

  • Collection of demographic information – Your name, date of birth, and insurance information will be obtained in order to verify your insurance benefits on your behalf.
  • Collection of your therapy prescription – Most patients that contact us already have a prescription for therapy that was issued by their physician. You may send it to us or have your doctor’s office send it.

Scheduling of your Initial Evaluation

  • Explanation of New Patient Paperwork – You may click here to print out your intake paperwork ahead of time and bring it with you to your initial evaluation. Otherwise, you may complete it in the office. Click here for the Spanish version.

What to bring to Therapy

  • The following is a list of items that you may need to bring with you to your Initial Evaluation:
    • ID
    • your primary and secondary insurance cards
    • your adjuster or nurse case manager’s contact information (Worker’s Compensation)

At your Initial Evaluation

  • What to wear – The best clothing options for therapy are clothes that you feel comfortable moving in. Please choose clothes that will allow proper access to the injured area. (Example: If you are being seen for your knee, you should wear shorts.) Athletic shoes are recommended for physical therapy.
  • Completion of New Patient Paperwork – Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete and review your intake paperwork. Please bring your photo ID and insurance card(s).
  • Meet your therapist– You will meet the Physical or Occupational/Hand Therapist that will be working directly with you and guiding you through the duration of your treatment.
  • Evaluation – Your Initial Evaluation will be performed to assess your injury or condition in detail. Together, you and your therapist will make goals that are important to you and agree upon a plan of action.
  • Home Exercise Program– Often times, HEPs are issued at your first visit. Consistency with this portion of your treatment plan is essential to your recovery. Your HEP will be revised as you continue to progress.
  • Scheduling of your follow-up appointments – The front desk team will help you schedule follow up appointments that fit into your schedule. Your frequency and duration will depend on your condition, the recommendation of your therapist, your prescription, and your insurance. Often times, you may have more than one visit per week.

Follow-up sessions

  • Therapy – At each follow-up session, you will work with your particular therapist. The goals that have been established will be addressed and new ones will be added as you continue to improve.
  • Questions– You will have the opportunity throughout your session to address any questions or concerns regarding your care.

At Life In Motion, you can always expect:

  • To be treated in a warm, professional manner
  • To be seen at your scheduled appointment time
  • To have your concerns heard and addressed in a timely manner
  • To enter an environment that is fun and motivating
  • To clearly understand your insurance benefits and how they apply
  • For your therapy team to have high expectations for your care