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Hand Pain Relief

Are you experiencing pain in your hands, making even minor everyday activities difficult? We use our hands for driving, preparing food, dressing and much more. It’s crucial to receive treatment for painful conditions as quickly as possible and to limit any further damage. A physical therapist can use a variety of techniques to treat pain in your elbows, hands, and wrists. Contact our office to see how physical therapy can help you reduce or even completely eliminate your pain!

What is Hand Pain?

Hand pain can occur when bones are broken, muscles are strained or sprained, and ligaments and tendons are torn or damaged. The pain associated with different conditions can be as varied as the conditions themselves. The pain may also come and go at different times, depending on the activity you’re engaging in. Whatever type of pain you’re experiencing, our Occupational/Hand Therapy can evaluate and treat the causes of your pain.

Causes of Hand Pain

There are many, many causes of hand pain. Whenever bones, muscles, ligaments or tendons in the hands, wrists, or elbows become injured, you can almost be certain that pain will be a factor. The following are a few specific conditions that are commonly associated with hand pain.

  • Carpal Tunnel – Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition where the median nerve is compressed in the wrist. It can be caused by overuse or from a trauma, such as a fall onto the palm of your hand. Symptoms commonly include tingling, numbness, and pain in the thumb, index, middle and half of the ring finger.
  • Arthritis and Osteoarthritis – Different types of arthritic conditions can cause pain in the hands. Swelling is often an issue associated with arthritis. Arthritic pain can stop you from doing many of the activities that you love.
  • Ganglion Cysts – Ganglion Cysts are lumps or masses that sometimes occur in the hand, often at the back of the wrist. Many times, they appear and disappear on their own. They can, however, cause a significant amount of pain.

How Physical and Occupational Therapy Helps Hand Pain

Physical and Occupational Therapy can lessen or eliminate pain in your elbows, wrists, and hands. It may even help you avoid surgery. Often, a physical therapist will work in conjunction with your primary care doctor to identify the root cause of your pain. After a full evaluation, a Physical and Occupational Therapist will use therapeutic techniques to eliminate the pain. Your physical therapist can create a detailed therapy program that meets your specific needs. This may include heat therapy, ice therapy, electrical stimulation, or massage. A Physical or Occupational Therapist may also give you exercises to complete at home and before you engage in specific activities. Physical therapy can help reduce pain, increase the range of motion, and improve the overall function in your elbows, wrists, and hands.

Whether it’s carpal tunnel or some other type of hand pain, an experienced Physical and Occupational Therapist can help you reduce or completely eliminate your painful condition. Physical and Occupational Therapy can help you get back in the game and more easily complete your daily activities.

If you’re suffering from hand pain, Contact Us Today at Pinellas Park & Seminole, FL Centers for a consultation. Our Occupational/Hand Therapists are committed to helping you decrease your pain, improve your function and return to activities that are meaningful to you.