Scar Management Pinellas Park, FL

Scar Management

Scarring is a normal process after an injury or surgery occurs. This is the body’s way of healing itself. As a scar matures and thickens, it becomes less pliable. If too much scarring occurs, it can lead to pain, restriction of soft tissue, and loss of motion. Below are some things that Physical or Occupational Therapy can do to help:

  • Scar massage – Your Physical or Occupational Therapist can educate you on scar massage that can be done at home to help with scar remodeling. This will help the thickened tissue to be more smooth and moveable. It can also help to reduce sensitivity.
  • Desensitization – Your Physical or Occupational Therapist may ask you to rub your scar with different textures or place the scarred area in a container of rice, beans, popcorn kernels or sand. By exposing the scar to different textures, it helps to calm hypersensitive nerve endings. This will help decrease sensitivity.
  • Scar conformer/scar garments – Your Physical or Occupational Therapist may custom fabricate a scar conformer (mostly for the hands) or may ask you to place a silicone gel sheet or tube over your scar. If your scars are the result of a severe burn, your Physical Therapist will educate you on how to wear your scar garments. The compression from these items helps to decrease scar density and helps it to be more smooth and soft.
  • Exercise – Your Physical or Occupational Therapist will teach you range of motion exercises to help your soft tissues glide so they don’t get adhered in the scar. Exercise also helps to address stiffness in any neighboring joints.

Your Physical or Occupational Therapist will assess your particular scarring and discuss an appropriate course of action tailored to you. Get the pain relief physical therapy services. For more information, Contact Us Today at Pinellas Park & Seminole, FL Centers.