Custom Orthosis Fabrication Pinellas Park, FL

Custom Orthosis Fabrication

Can my Hand Therapist fabricate a custom orthosis for me?

Absolutely. In layman’s terms, “orthosis” is another name for “splint.” Sometimes, “pre-fabricated” splints are not appropriate. Certain injuries or conditions required the fabrication of an orthosis that is custom made just for you. From small, finger orthoses to large ones that stabilize the whole arm, these can be custom fabricated here at Life In Motion. If your physician thinks that a custom orthosis is required for your condition, he/she will provide you with a prescription for the appropriate item.

What types of orthoses can be fabricated at Life In Motion?

  • Gutter
  • Mallet / tip protector
  • C-splint
  • Hand-based MP extension orthosis
  • Forearm-based MP extension orthosis
  • Wrist support
  • Thumb Spica
  • Resting Hand
  • Dorsal blocking orthosis
  • Long arm orthosis (with or without wrist)
  • Bicep-style long arm orthosis (for distal bicep tendon repairs)
  • Variety of dynamic orthoses

Sometimes, a well-known orthosis is not the answer because there can be several factors to consider at once. No problem. You, your physician/healthcare provider and your physical therapist will collaborate together and decide on the best design. We always look forward to coming up with creative solutions to complicated problems. For more information, Contact Us Today at Pinellas Park & Seminole, FL Centers.