Category: Back

Luba F.

Dec15th 2020

I was visiting Florida from Toronto, Canada. I needed to continue my treatment for my Lumbar spine issues while I was there. I found Life in Motion on the internet. When I called to make an appointment the staff was very courteous friendly, polite, and helpful right from the start. My First appointment with Carlos Riveros was amazing. He was very professional and gave me a thorough assessment. Carlos was able to identify my exact problem area and began treatment immediately that day. I felt better right away. My continued treatments made me feel hopeful and confident on my road to recovery. I never felt rushed and was allowed to perform my exercises at my own pace. The treatment I received in 4 sessions at Life In Motion surpassed the treatment I received in the previous 3 months at home in Toronto. Thank you, Carlos and Staff, you guys rock!

Dec15th 2020

Sheila C.

I have had back issues for years. Two back surgeries and years of working on my feet have increased my back pain issues over time. In 2017 I was again at the doctor's office seeking relief from nerve pain in my legs and feet. After cortisone shots, prescriptions, and a consultation with a surgeon, I decided I wanted to go with the least invasive treatment. I asked my physician if I could try physical therapy for relief. It had given me relief in the past. I asked to be referred to Life in Motion because of a previous experience with their office for hand therapy. Carlos was patient, kind, and caring. His therapy gave me back my back! I have full mobility and a significant reduction in pain and numbness. I still use the techniques he taught me to ease stiffness and occasional aches. I would recommend Carlos to anyone seeking to manage their back pain.

Dec15th 2020

Frank E.

I’m Frank, I have been bothered by lower back and knee pains for over 6 years as my career path involves a lot of running and lifting. I’ve been to physical therapy at 3 different Air Force bases, as well as 4 different physical therapy offices in Tampa, St. Pete, and West Chase. I found this little place called Life In Motion out in Pinellas County just off of Hwy 19. The staff here is very friendly, and what they do is like nothing I have ever experienced in all of my visits to physical therapy at other locations. The staff combines heat, physical massage therapy, followed by PT, and ice. It’s a combo that has truly helped relieve much of my chronic pain issues. I love this place and have moved all of my therapies to Life In Motion because they are just that good. I would recommend coming here first before any other place if you are in need of some physical therapy.