Amiee M.

Dec15th 2020

This is an amazing team to work with! I had ACL surgery and went through a lot during the first 2 weeks. I had another physical therapist at a different location I worked with, but I didn’t feel comfortable or had the connection. That was before my surgery.

After my surgery, LIM did everything to ensure that I don’t go through any more traumatic events. LIM made my visits comfortable, adding a sense of humor, always listening to my fears, and what my concerns were. I get a straight forward answer. Unlike my other place where I had PT. I don’t even hesitate about going there. I look forward to each of these visits. When I cannot come, I’m miserable!

They are learning sign language to add to the fun of therapy and to make it easier to communicate. They are always asking how I am doing, what’s going on in my life, how my family is going. They are so thoughtful and are like family to me. Their advice is amazing and worth taking ☺️ Thank you to the team for making my recovery less painful and more bearable! LIM is like a family to me and my family.