Cheryl F.

Dec15th 2020

I’m 54 years old and consider myself very active. I’m an avid road cyclist for over 14 years now. I recently developed numbness and tingling in both arms. My orthopedic doctor ordered an MRI which showed stenosis in my neck but not enough to cause the extent of what I was experiencing. He ordered a nerve conduction test in which surprisingly, I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel in both wrists. I knew right away that this was caused by years of cycling due to improper hand alignment and pressure on the wrists and thumb during long rides.

I came to LIM and saw Adrienne after an online recommendation as a hand therapist. I wasn’t able to sleep through the night due to severe nerve pain and I wanted to avoid surgery if at all possible. I decided on Occupational Therapy as an alternative.

I found Adrienne to be pleasant, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. She provided me a splint for my thumb pain and an at-home regimen to keep my symptoms manageable. Since starting my therapy, I’m now able to sleep through the night which was not possible before. I don’t believe Carpel Tunnel is “curable” without surgery but it is manageable. I will continue to follow her regimen and will also be mindful of hand alignment during cycling. My goal is to remain surgery-free. Thank you, Adrienne.