Frank E.

Dec15th 2020

I’m Frank, I have been bothered by lower back and knee pains for over 6 years as my career path involves a lot of running and lifting. I’ve been to physical therapy at 3 different Air Force bases, as well as 4 different physical therapy offices in Tampa, St. Pete, and West Chase. I found this little place called Life In Motion out in Pinellas County just off of Hwy 19. The staff here is very friendly, and what they do is like nothing I have ever experienced in all of my visits to physical therapy at other locations. The staff combines heat, physical massage therapy, followed by PT, and ice. It’s a combo that has truly helped relieve much of my chronic pain issues. I love this place and have moved all of my therapies to Life In Motion because they are just that good. I would recommend coming here first before any other place if you are in need of some physical therapy.