Inez M.

Physical Therapist Pinellas Park & Seminole, FL

When I came here on Jan. 10, 2018, I was just coming out of my 3rd or 4th cast after breaking my left wrist to the point I had to have surgery that included inserting a metal plate in my wrist to hold it together and heal. I was in pretty tough shape. It was very daunting not being able to move any of my fingers, hand, or wrist. I was unable to hold or pick up a cup or dress myself. The minute I walked into Life In Motion, I was greeted by Sam who, with her happy and welcoming voice, put me at ease immediately . When meeting with Adrienne and the rest of the family (staff), I knew this was going to be a positive and ever fun road to recovery. Life In Motion is not just a therapy facility, it is a family. Everyone is supportive, caring and experts in your body and the specific help your injury needs to heal. Life In Motion and Adrienne contact my doctor on a weekly basis to ensure all aspects of my needs were being met. I now can dress myself, make a fist, hold a glass, and do most everyday things we take for granted in everyday life. Life In Motion is a team of people who not only take excellent care of you physically, but emotionally. You feel safe, positive, and become more knowledgeable about your body. I want to thank Adrienne for putting me on the road back to full recovery. Also, for her love, humor, and healing and creative skills. She made me this awesome splint to help me with my ulna. This is the place to come for inspiration on all levels. Thank you!!!