Lexi N.

Dec15th 2020

I came across Life in Motion in 2016 after a freak accident with my hand. I had surgery for a cut/damaged nerve and was sent to hand therapy for a period of time.

That’s when I met the Life in Motion family, and I’m so glad I did! This family-owned business is run by dedicated professionals who are experts in the field of recovery and healing. They spend quality time with each of their patients, listening and understanding their concerns, in addition to sharing their knowledge and best practices.

After a couple of months of therapy with Adrienne, my Occupational Therapist, I was able to do “normal” things with my left hand again, and started to get feeling back- where I didn’t have it before!

I’m so thankful for the help of the Life in Motion staff, who got me feeling back to myself again. I am so appreciative of everything they did for me, and I highly recommend them!