Michael C.

Mike C.

When I first came to Life In Motion, I was not sure if therapy would really work. I had severed a tendon in my right pinky and being right hand dominate, I had my doubts. When I first arrived, there was really nothing that I could do with my right hand. Could not grip, bend finger or lift anything. Adrienne is the hand specialist and she was fantastic and hopeful that therapy would work. I was hoping too, because surgery is not what I wanted. It was a long and slow process but she worked on me 3 times a week for almost 4 months. Everytime, she was smiling and really cared how I was doing! I was grateful because all of her efforts have paid off and I was discharged. Life In Motion is a strong believer in family and Adrienne and Carlos make sure you feel that way. Great experience and would highly recommend. Made a believer out of me!