Sheila C.

Dec15th 2020

I have had back issues for years. Two back surgeries and years of working on my feet have increased my back pain issues over time.

In 2017 I was again at the doctor’s office seeking relief from nerve pain in my legs and feet. After cortisone shots, prescriptions, and a consultation with a surgeon, I decided I wanted to go with the least invasive treatment. I asked my physician if I could try physical therapy for relief.

It had given me relief in the past. I asked to be referred to Life in Motion because of a previous experience with their office for hand therapy.

Carlos was patient, kind, and caring. His therapy gave me back my back! I have full mobility and a significant reduction in pain and numbness. I still use the techniques he taught me to ease stiffness and occasional aches. I would recommend Carlos to anyone seeking to manage their back pain.